Happy Halloween! (P.S. If you don't put Worcester Sauce on your pumpkin seeds, then I just feel sorry for you.)


do you baggu?

This little delight arrived in the mail yesterday, making me a happier girl. Do yourselves a favor and check out what's new at Baggu.



hermès afterlife

Even Hermès' scraps afford an afterlife. On November 3-23 their new line, Petit H, will be on display at the Madison Avenue flagshipstore in Manhattan. From what my rusty French gathers from their website, Petit H is a sort of laboratory where leather scraps, slightly flawed tea cups and other "leftovers" are metamorphosed, turning trash into treasure. A demi-tasses' handles becomes a necklace; scraps of calfskin leather transform into a Panda...

Who would of thought you'd suddenly want a stuffed bear more than you ever wanted a Birkin?


ride pine

I don't want you to be jealous, but this is my bench (see? That's my finger in the upper left corner). Three days ago, this bench only had a piece of plywood as a seat and it looked like it was worth the 60 dollars I paid at a rummage shop in Door County (that's the Hamptons of Wisconsin, look it up). But that was three days ago...

Look at her now.



Oh! News! I updated my fashion resume because more fashiony things have happened to me since the last time I did it! Make yourself wiser here.


mentionable unmentionables

Just in time for a 34° Wisconsin morning: London marque, Under, and their masterful remake of the classic long johns.