Morning woes

[via Elle.com, photography by James Franco]

There's nothing quite more soul sucking than, after a morning spent convincing yourself that despite the clock actually reading 7:30 am, it's only 6:30 am and you can, because you deserve it, sleep in another five minutes, then getting visibly angry at your electric toothbrush for taking so goddamned long, grabbing whatever clothes are on the top of the laundry pile and breezing past your house guest as you fly out the door...hungover...there's nothing - NOTHING! - more soul sucking than finding out that, meanwhile, James Franco managed to add yet another hyphen to his already vomit-inducingly long wikipedia title.

James Franco, American actor–film director–screenwriter–film producer–author–painter–performance artist–(and now) fashion photographer.

And I forgot to put on underpants.


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