Before the computer virus, there was the termite.

...home to 1.5 million pieces of wood type, each salvaged from the Hamilton Manufacturing Company, which was once the largest wood type producer in the country after it began in 1880. If you find yourself in Two Rivers, WI (which, other than to see this place, I don't know why you would) I urgently suggest you help yourself to a self-guided tour. Still operating today, you'll find young printmakers who, while noodling around on the overly inked machines, will -- in typical Wisconsin sincerity -- eagerly tell you all about the company's overwhelming history and refer to the museum's founder simply as "Jim." 

You'll also walk on the rickety floors, meet the rest of the dedicated staff, admire dusty letter presses, and snap a pic of a brilliant pile of used rubber gloves. And you'll hope, deep down, that none of that will ever change at all.



  1. Viruses can infect different types of hosts. The most common targets are executable files that contain application software or parts of the operating system. Viruses have also infected the executable boot sectors of floppy disks, script files of application programs, and documents that can contain macro scripts.


  2. termite infestation cases have dramatically increased. Damages and repairs brought about by these little “white ants” could reach billions of dollars each year.western exterminators los angeles