wedding belles

As a girl who scrolls through WAY too many wedding blogs, pours over lace-covered spreads in numerous magazines and has helped plan a few real-life nuptials, I'm going to go ahead and consider myself an expert on all things "big day." (Don't let my aggressive single-status fool you.) 

So when I said before that – were I ever to get married myself – the delicious dot creation above by Isaac Mizrahi would be my choice for aisle-walking wear, I think I should have known I was 100% right.

[via The Aisle]

Because now, thanks to the members-only online bridal shop The Aisle, every girl can wear it (in blinding white) on their own wedding day. That is, if you've got a chunk of $2,850 change.

Looks like I've got to take me out some ad space and put myself back on the market. Then dye this sucker down to a reasonable, and more appropriate "not-so-freaking-pure" shade.


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