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MADE HERE - TIM WHITTEN from Jay Carroll on Vimeo.

Goddammit, Levi's. 

One of the brands that I love to hate (the other begins with a "j" and ends with a "crew") actually came up with what is, in my opinion, their coolest project since inventing the 501. The denim jerks teamed up with Jay Carroll of One Trip Pass to bring us, the humble consumer, a brief glimpse into the lives of those not-so-endangered craftspeople who are dedicated to putting beautiful things out into the world. First up in the Made Here line: Tim Whitten of Stonington, Maine who brings old-fashioned sailor knotting into the here and now. Check out their story here and then get the actual goods at a sad number of select stores across the country. 

Touché, Levi's. Touché.


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