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Do this now: lift up your arm and look down at your shirt. More than likely, you have a seam running straight up your side all the way to your armpit. Don't be sad, but that means it was made on a flat loom that only runs back-and-forth. It also means your shirt is probably not made by Germans.

Now, look up and check out the century-old Deutschland clothing manufacturer, Merz B. Schwanen. Born from the Swabian Mountain regions' forced occupational switch from farming to knitting in the mid 1800's (stupid infertile land), the company continues the tradition of employing old-world style circular knitting machines to create cotton sweatshirts, classic Henleys and the odd smock or two. Circular knitting means, the fabrics come off in circular sheets and side seams simply don't exist. What's cooler than that, though, is the entire operation. So until you can go seamless yourself (which, you can. Merz B. Schwanen shirts will be in stock next season here), you can still feast your eyes on authentic German engineering at its finest.


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